Booking FAQs

We hope the below cover the main things you need. If not, send us an email. Contact details can be found on the Contact Us page of this website.

Who can I contact in case of a problem?

The best person to speak to or email is us.....the local booking office in Siem Reap. Our contact details can be found on the Contact Us page of this web site. If you'd prefer to deal with somebody on the WHL team, you can call one of the regional offices listed on the Contact Us page of the global web site ( or send an inquiry directly on the global site.

Why is the payment process different on the different destination sites in the network?

The reason is that in each destination WHL allow the local owner / operator of the site to select from a range of payment options they provide. We need this flexibility to accommodate the demands of the local accommodation industry. Even within one destination it is not uncommon to have different hotels or transport companies each with their own needs and demands for payment.

Sometimes when I book I get instant confirmation, whereas other times I get a message that your office will confirm within 24 hours. Why is this?

In short, we have two types of booking options - 'instant bookings' and 'bookings on demand'.

When the tour or accommodation provider has given us inventory (i.e. when they have assigned us empty rooms or tour places for us to sell in advance) we store this in our database and when a request comes in from the traveller we can give instant confirmation. In cases where the accommodation providers have very limited room inventory and providing allotments / instant bookings are not feasible and we don't have this inventory in our database, we need to call the hotel or tour company to tell them we have your inquiry and to check to see if they have a room or tour place free. This is where it takes a little time - up to 24 hours - to respond.

Because is doing a lot of work in the developing world and in places off the beaten track, getting inventory and keeping this up to date is very difficult. Some accommodation providers in remote destinations don't even have a telephone, so our local office staff have to bicycle to the premises to get bookings confirmed. We do apologise for this, but can assure you that we are constantly looking for ways to improve this. One thing's for sure: if we can't secure a booking for you in the destination, chances are that  noone else can either..

Am I actually booking with or with you, the local partner?

You are booking with us, the local partner based in Siem Reap. provides the platform we all use and provides marketing and other management support to the local partners. is not however involved in the booking transactions on this site and ,as we are based in Siem Reap and work closely with tour and accommodation providers on the ground, any questions about bookings or just Siem Reap or Cambodia in general should be directed to us and we'll be more than happy to assist and give advice..