Guesthouses in Siem Reap

Despite its relatively limited size, Siem Reap has a fine selection of guesthouses. Locally based, we are proud to have one of the better selections of guesthouses in Siem Reap available to book online - all at very competitive rates. Most guesthouses have instant availability so you will receive an instant confirmation on your reservation. Check the icons for special offers, free pick-up from the airport or bus station and wireless internet.

If you are arriving Siem Reap by bus, please also make sure to advise the name of the bus company to make use of the complimentary pick-up service and make it easier for the driver to know which bus station to pick you up from.

Special Deals
Special Early Bird [Valid from 01 Feb 2017 to 28 Feb 2017]
Sales Promotion 60% off [Valid from 01 Feb 2017 to 28 Feb 2017]
Last Minute Booking [Valid from 01 Apr 2017 to 01 Aug 2017]
Location: Siem Reap
From: USD 9
Location: Siem Reap
From: USD 20
Location: Siem Reap
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