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We're sort of a boutique-style guesthouse, but probably not expensive enough to use the adjective. We set ourselves apart from other guesthouses in a similar price range by offering what are (okay, arguably) the cleanest rooms in the country, a level of service not usually found in this price range, and just as importantly as our commitment to cleanliness and service is our commitment to providing you with honest, accurate information that is based on what is best for your needs and not ours.

Also, we strictly refuse to get involved in the numerous commission rackets endemic in our area which means there are no hidden expenses that we have to either surreptitiously pass on to you or recover by hassling you into buying extra services. As a matter of fact, most extra services (tour guides, etc) we take no commissions from anyway, so we have no reason to push them on you.

Rooms are cleaned every day and we maintain a staff of ten to service fourteen rooms. Most of our rooms have A/C, hot showers, and 80-channel CATV. We offer free drinking water (one bottle per day per person), free self-service coffee (instant) and tea 24 hours a day, and all the free information you could ask for.

Two Dragons Guesthouse is owned by the same person behind the talesofasia.com website so that hopefully says something for the quality of information and advice available from the guesthouse regardless of whether the owner is there or not.

Please note that the Two Dragons require your arrival details (including the name of the bus company if you are arriving to Siem Reap by bus) in order to guarantee your booking.

Located just off Wat Bo Road in the popular Wat Bo area, Two Dragons is located roughly the same distance to Angkor as the two hundred other accommodation options in town, but yet within walking distance to Siem Reap's Old Market and pubs, bars and restaurant in the popular Pub Street and the Passage.


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Hotel Address: #110 Wat Bo Village, Siem Reap

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Getting there

Two Dragons guesthouse is located approximately 15 minutes from Siem Reap International airport.