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We're sort of a boutique-style guesthouse, but probably not expensive enough to use the adjective. We set ourselves apart from other guesthouses in a similar price range by offering what are (okay, arguably) the cleanest rooms in the country, a level of service not usually found in this price range, and just as importantly as our commitment to cleanliness and service is our commitment to providing you with honest, accurate information that is based on what is best for your needs and not ours.

Also, we strictly refuse to get involved in the numerous commission rackets endemic in our area which means there are no hidden expenses that we have to either surreptitiously pass on to you or recover by hassling you into buying extra services. As a matter of fact, most extra services (tour guides, etc) we take no commissions from anyway, so we have no reason to push them on you.

Rooms are cleaned every day and we maintain a staff of ten to service fourteen rooms. Most of our rooms have A/C, hot showers, and 80-channel CATV. We offer free drinking water (one bottle per day per person), free self-service coffee (instant) and tea 24 hours a day, and all the free information you could ask for.

Two Dragons Guesthouse is owned by the same person behind the talesofasia.com website so that hopefully says something for the quality of information and advice available from the guesthouse regardless of whether the owner is there or not.

Please note that the Two Dragons require your arrival details (including the name of the bus company if you are arriving to Siem Reap by bus) in order to guarantee your booking.

If you build it they will come. That is the theory anyway. And in Siem Reap that theory is in abundance where guesthouses and hotels are concerned. Locals turn the family home into a family guesthouse while more moneyed and well connected military and government officials toss up cookie-cutter style hotels along the airport road, and do so in such profusion one has to wonder if they were built with the purpose of making money or simply moving money? Foreigners come along and with international imaginations create international guesthouses that may not do a lot for offering an authentic Khmer experience, but they do manage to produce some pretty popular places. Which in itself creates an ironic, albeit humorous situation when a backpacker inevitably sits in a bar complaining about the lack of authenticity and neo-colonialist tendencies of all these western-owned businesses... and then orders another beer from the British owner standing behind the bar. Two Dragon Guesthouse is an excellent source of information. They have created one of the most popular travel websites about Asia. Now they have created a place for you to stay.

Caring for Destination

This accommodation provider has taken action to address one or more issues (whether environmental, social or cultural) which will contribute positively to the long term viability of the destination and hence their site displays a Caring for the destination rating.

Main area of focus in Caring for the Destination:

Encouraging free and open competition

Detailed description of the Caring for the Destination Initiative:

Impressing upon our staff and anyone else who cares to listen that enticing customers with ridiculously cheap rooms supplemented by three days of commissions, backhanders, hidden charges, and 'let's hassle the guest into buying everything from us and scold them if they don't...' etc is really not the best business plan, nor is it necessary to pay out enormous commissions to every taxi driver and tour guide in Siem Reap to bring you customers. We are proud of the fact that in our first year and a half of operations we still as yet have not paid so much as one single dollar in commissions or backhanders to acquire customers and we strictly prohibit our staff from accepting or offering commissions for any goods or services bought or sold. Two Dragons also supports the White Bicycle Project.

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