About Us

This online Siem Reap Hotel and Guesthouse Reservation Service is locally owned and operated by the bustling team from WHL Cambodia. Locally based and perfectly placed to help you choose accommodation and tours in Siem Reap and places off the beaten tracks in Cambodia.

Come and get a flavour of the real Siem Reap, travel off the beaten track to rural villages... feel the history of the place and visit the ancient temples... get to know the real Siem Reap and visit the surrounding villages and connect with the people.

Kunthea operate this site from Siem Reap with a genuine passion and interest for Cambodia.

'With a few passport stamps of their own combined with years of experience from the tourism and hospitality industry, they have a balanced view of what works well for travellers and what doesn't...'

Therefore, combining in-depth local knowledge with an extensive background from the tourism and hospitality industry, your local team are well placed to help you find exactly what suits your budgets and requirements whether it is conference rooms and meeting venues in Siem Reap and Cambodia, exclusive temple dinners, tailor made tours and educational study trips for school classes and smaller groups that want to get involved and give something back to the communities they visit.

'If you were to measure people's income by the smiles on their faces, you could easily believe that Cambodia was one of the riches countries in the world - not one of the poorest...'

Come to us for a real Cambodian Experience...!!

So, give us a try and allow us to help you with your online tour and hotel reservations. Choose from our extensive list of tours, activities, hotels and local guesthouses, and please let us know if our recommendations for accommodation, restaurants, tips and trips met with your liking.

Our local team at angkorhotels.org is one of the longest serving members of the global whl.travel network and in common with our partners, we are strong supporters of responsible and sustainable tourism practices - meaning care for the environment, local communities and the local culture. Therefore, we try at all times to promote best practices within the Siem Reap and Cambodian tourism and hotel industry.

Have you returned from your travels and would like to give something back to the places you have visited...?

As you will see after visiting and having spent some time in Cambodia, there are many great causes to support both in Siem Reap and places that have not seen so many of the impacts of tourism in more rural areas and across Cambodia. We work with many of these organisations on the ground and believe they can add to the total travel experience.

We have, however, selected one specific project that we have worked closely with in the development and implementation stages and, therefore, we would like to put some extra focus on the project and hope to give you a simple, fast and secure opportunity to give something back before, during or after your trip to Cambodia.

Thank you very much in advance and keep travelling light and responsibly...!!!