Chinese New Year

Place: Across Siem Reap and Cambodia  (31 Jan 2014 )

Wtih plenty of fireworks and crackers, Lunar New Year, Chinese New Year or Vietnamese New year, also known as Tet, is widely celebrated in Siem Reap and Cambodia.

People visit their families, friends and relatives and have offerings such as fruits and special food like 'Samlor Chab Chhay', which is a special kind of soup for this event, grilled pork and grilled duck. Later, people often visit their local pagodas, pray and pay respect to their grandparents, parents or any deceased relatives. Clothes, cars, gold, money (US$ in particular) made of paper are burnt and offered to the spirits. On this day, it is very common that people stay at home for the whole day and spend time with their families.

When is Chinese New Year...?

The exact dates for Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year (Tet) follow the lunar calendar and because the new moon changes from year to year, the exact dates can fall anytime between late January and mid-February. So, if you are planning to spend Chinese New Year in Cambodia, below is a list of future Chinese New Year dates and the corresponding animal sign for that year:

2014     31 January     Horse
2015     19 February   Sheep
2016     8 February     Monkey
2017     28 January    Rooster
2018     16 February   Dog
2019     5 February     Pig
2020     25 January    Rat

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